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ZOMBIE the antidote

Privacy Escape Game Agen zombie

Dchoice difficulty:

Beginner - Confirmed  - Expert

Privacy Escape Game Agen zombie

Save mankind...


United States 2120:


The pollution of the atmosphere allowed the development of the Nemesis virus decimating ¾ of the population. We have set up a specially built shelter for research and development of the vaccine! After several years of research, scientists have found the beginning of an antidote, we are finally on the right track!

Unfortunately an unexpected message comes to us from the control center of the shelter:

“We are losing control over the Zombies, the virus continues to provide them with excessive strength and speed,  the protections will not last long! I will hide the results we found in our local technique so you can save what's left of our world! To enter this shelter filled with infected and bring back the cure. “

Today I ask you to help us.

Do you have enough courage for that? Or do you prefer to let the zombies rule the world?

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