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The LeonE Family Diamond

Escape Game Agen Diamant Leone

Ddifficulty in choosing

Beginner - Confirmed  - Expert

Escape Game Agen Diamant Leone

Steal the Diamond from the Leone family!

In the United States two Mafia families have been at war for generations, the Leone family and yours! You sent one of your guys to infiltrate their family.  After a few months he manages to  send you some highly confidential information. One of them catches your eye because it can earn you big while giving you the upper hand over your rivals. You know that their most valuable asset is locked up in the international bank Bancos. This Bank with an inviolable reputation does not scare you, you have had it in your sights for quite some time and you already know where and when to attack! 

For that you need the best computer specialist  on the market (Your Master of the game of course!!

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! You feel a little stressed but ready to fight!

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