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Privacy Escape Game Agen bureau voyageur

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Privacy Escape Game Agen bureau voyageur

Come and meet the Professor


London 1950:


Since your earliest childhood you have dreamed of traveling, traveling the world and its different cultures. Unfortunately you haven't had the chance yet.

Reading the Windham Heral (your favorite newspaper) you see an advertisement for a certain Professor Stewart who is looking for assistants for his upcoming trip abroad. 

Interested in this project you contact him for more information. 

After this exchange he offers you a meeting in his office to talk about his experiences and explain all the extraordinary things you could see if you come with him. You accept without hesitation!

Once in front of his door you have a bad feeling, the atmosphere becomes heavy and shivers invade you!

Will you follow your instincts and go home or do you prefer to take the risk to go there? 

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