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Find out more about the Escape Game

Lorsque vous arrivez pour faire votre Escape Game, un Maître du Jeu s'occupe de vous, il sera là pour vous encadrer durant toute votre séance d'escape game!


Qu’est-ce qu’un Maître du Jeu ? :

C'est une personne qui vous est entièrement dédiée pour que vous puissiez jouer dans les meilleures conditions possibles.

  • Il commencera par vous expliquer les règles du jeux, les astuces et la sécurité d'un escape game...

  • Ensuite, il vous fera entrer dans la pièce (Escape Roomafin de démarrer votre expérience.

When you arrive for your Escape Game, a Game Master takes care of you, he will be there to supervise you throughout your escape game session!


What is a Game Master ? :

It's a person who is you fully dedicated for you can play in the best possible conditions.

  • He'll start with you explain the game rules, tips and safety of an escape game...

  • Then he'll make you enter the room (Escape Roomin order to start your experiment.


What is an Escape Room ?

This is the room of the game of an Escape Game!  The one where you are  locked up and immersed in a setting for you immerse yourself from the1st seconds of the game... Your goal is to  succeed in  solve all the puzzles, avoid traps, imagination, ingenuity, strategy and being the smartest possible for go to the end of the adventure... And finally get out of the room in less than 60 minutes!!! 

  • All begins, you have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and find things beyond your imagination.ation.

  • Don't worry, you are 100% under video and audio surveillance. Indeed, the Game Master does not take his eyes off you! This allows us to help you if necessary, because the goal is that you have fun a maximum, and of course, for security reasons... The escape game is 100% secure

  • A screen is set up in each Escape Game. We use it to send you des indices and help you advance in the adventure.

  • The Game Master also plays an important role after your escape game, he will be there for a debriefing complete and also to answer all your questions about your Escape Game.

  • So please, do not hesitate not at to look at  the scenarios we offer:

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